The Different Types of Ladyboys in Thailand


Heading to the land of smiles? Discover the different types of ladyboys in Thailand! Prepare for the biggest happygasm of your life!

In Thailand, there are quite a few ladyboys (chicks with dicks) running around. I’d say – a few hundreds, if not thousands. I personally spoke to a dozen or so when I used to hang out with a gang that liked to indulge in them.

We’d sit in a cheap bar in Bangkok and the local Thai ladyboys would dance on a stage in front of us. Ladyboys knew my friend and, of course, thought I was into the same menu…

Ladyboys are unique folk. I saw 3 types, while I was in Thailand.

Here we go:

The Different Types of Ladyboys in Thailand

The Different Types of Ladyboys in Thailand

#1 The Aggressive Ladyboys

The aggressive ladyboys will put their hands on your private area, or show you their extra hard nipples and might even kiss you. They are generally friendly, speak fairly good English are usually the ones that make enough cash to survive because they have just the right touch of showing affection and urging the fellas to take them to their hotel room.

The Different Types of Ladyboys in Thailand

#2 The Chicken-hearted Ladyboys 

These are usually extra shy and not eager to talk. Or… Clever enough to realise that they’re better off not talking – for the sake of scoring more men that just can’t take them to their hotel rooms once they hear either the deep voice or the fake feminine voice- neither of which has the wizardry necessary to arouse even the most curious guy.

The Different Types of Ladyboys in Thailand

These are making enough cash just because they are playing the role that men like in their “ladies”… quiet, and flirtatious.

#3 Those That Are Aggressive With Each Other

Those that are overly aggressive with each other usually are jealous of each other’s appearance and attention from foreigners. Additionally, these ladyboys are the ones that are usually the least attractive.

The Different Types of Ladyboys in Thailand

Sometimes, even manly looking. Tip: avoid these!

Have you ever had sex with a ladyboy in Thailand? Feel free to share your experience!

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