Long Distance Relationship With A Ladyboy


Knowing how to make a long distance relationship with a ladyboy girlfriend work can be tricky. Here are our best long distance relationship tips.

Long Distance Relationship With A Ladyboy

Long Distance Relationship With A Ladyboy Girlfriend

Let’s face it, long distance relationships, especially with a ladyboy girlfriend are not easy. Often times, long distance relationships don’t work because of inconsistent communication, lack of physical attention and jealously. It’s even more complicated if your relationship has just started and you are thousands of miles away from each other.

Here are our top 5 tips for you to have a successful start of a relationship with your ladyboy girlfriend in spite of the distance.

#1 Ask Yourself: How Serious I Am About Her?

It’s definitely one of the most important questions to ask yourself so you’ll know where you’re heading. Are you serious about your ladyboy girlfriend? Or are you just looking for some sticky shemale phone sex fun? You always need to double check yourself and work on your emotions and feelings. Once you have figured out your answer, then we shall start from there.

Long Distance Relationship With A Ladyboy

#2 Video Chat… Daily

Even those with the busiest of schedules and a full-time job can make time for a quick Skype video chat each day. Being able to see your partner daily, even for a few minutes, goes a long way toward developing intimacy.

Long Distance Relationship With A Ladyboy

#3 Bring Back Snail Mail

Sure, video chats, texting and phone calls are all great, but an old-fashioned letter or card is a better way to demonstrate a genuine and caring attitude toward your partner. It takes time to send, and that time won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated by your ladyboy girlfriend (remember, transgender people are very sensitive).

Long Distance Relationship With A Ladyboy

Additionally, it’s nice for your girlfriend to be able to pick up and reread a physical letter or card when she is thinking about (and missing) you.

#4 Check-In Regularly

Take photos throughout your day, and send them instantly to your partner. After all, it’s a quick and easy way to share your daily experiences and stay updated on what’s happening in each other’s life. Active photo sharing also adds to the transparency of your daily life, which is a key factor in keeping the trust alive in any relationship.

Long Distance Relationship With A Ladyboy

#5 Always Have Your Next Visit Planned

Seeing each other is key, so regular visits are a necessity. (Ultimately, nothing replaces quality, in-person time). So, invest your time and finances in visiting each other. When you leave, have the next date on the calendar ready. That way, when you part, instead of tearfully announcing “See you… soon,” you can confidently state, “See you in a month”.

Long Distance Relationship With A Ladyboy

For more long distance relationship tips, check out this video:


Have you ever been in a long distance relationship with a ladyboy? If yes, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below. 

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