Thailand’s Third Gender: 10 Ways To Spot A Ladyboy


Discover 10 ways to spot a ladyboy in Thailand. Enjoy sex tourism and crazy nightlife in sticky Bangkok with your next shemale partner.

10 Ways To Spot A Ladyboy

Just recently, I was on a crazy night out with a group of friends who were passing through Bangkok to say hi before heading off for some sea and vitamin D on the islands.

As we sat outside the nightclub watching the world go by, a ladyboy, walked by in 6-inch heels and a tight dress. I joked with one my friend’s husband that if he was out here as a single dude she might have taken his fancy.

Much to my surprise, the guy had no idea the sexy lady was in fact born a man, well, a transgender individual, to be correct.

As one would expect, from that point onwards, I had a fun night teasing guys every time their eyes diverted to what they initially thought was a pretty woman.

Thailand's Third Gender: 10 Ways To Spot A Ladyboy

Jokes aside, what’s the deal with Thai ladyboys?

We all have a joke like this now and again, but no disrespect is meant – and let’s look at this seriously for a minute.

A ladyboy, also knowns as katoey here in Thailand, is someone who is born male, but lives as a female.

Ladyboys range from feminine looking guy to put Miss Universe to shame. Seriously…

Overall, ladyboys are very integrated into modern day Thai society, particularly here in Bangkok. No-one looks down on them and some Thai ladies are even a bit envious of their perfect feminine faces and sexy curves.

Thailand's Third Gender: 10 Ways To Spot A Ladyboy

I’ve been here in Thailand for quite some time, and I feel that I’m pretty good at spotting ladyboys now. I’ve spent a lot of time in the bar and nightclub areas for many different districts of Bangkok, so I feel I’ve acquired a lot of useful knowledge on the subject of ladyboys and Thai women.

It’s no secret that some ladyboys can rival the looks of the most beautiful of women, but, if you know what you are looking for, you can tell.

For many Western guys, however, a ladyboy is exactly what they are looking for. In fact, many men from the West instead of trying to see whether a girl is a ladyboy, are trying to spot if the ladyboy is actually a girl – because if she is they’ll pass…

So, to give those of you planning on visiting Thailand and on the look out for a ladyboy as a potential date, or for those beer goggled Brits who always seem to end up being fooled – or so they claim,  I’ve created a list of 10 ways to spot a ladyboy just to make sure you end up with the girl or ladyboy of your choice.

10 ways to spot a ladyboy in Thailand

Thailand's Third Gender: 10 Ways To Spot A Ladyboy

She might be a shemale, a ladyboy or a chick with a dick if:

1. She’s too tall

In most cases, Thai girls are not very tall (159cm). But, almost all ladyboys are taller than average with heights of 175cm not being unusual. So, if a girl is 6 feet tall – ask yourself – how many 6 feet tall girls are there in Thailand?

2. She’s too feminine

Look at the way she dresses, uses makeup, talks and the way she moves, especially her hips. Is she’s trying to act too feminine? If an outfit she’s wearing is too sexy: a flashing dress, sometimes very long with cabaret style and even feathers, or reduced to the smallest possible size with her breasts out, she might be a ladyboy.

Thailand's Third Gender: 10 Ways To Spot A Ladyboy

Remember that ladyboys in Thailand are making a living of their feminine features, so they will do everything to look as feminine and girly as possible.

3. The voice

Here’s the thing: ladyboys are very good at changing their voices when they speak to dudes on the street or in bars so that it sounds higher like that of a real girl. Sometimes they might talk in whispers to hide their real deep or husky voice. Use your gut instinct and listen carefully.

4. No bra?

In Thailand, it’s very rare and unusual for a Thai girl to ever be in public without wearing a bra. So if you’ve been chatting with a girl and if she doesn’t wear a bra, especially when combined with point 1, you’ve been probably chatting with a ladyboy.

5. The Adam’s apple

Look closely at her throat. If you see an apple there—she’s a chick with a dick. Most girls don’t have any sort of Adam’s Apple. It’s a trait held for men. So if your new date has one, that’s probably the easiest giveaway.

Thailand's Third Gender: 10 Ways To Spot A Ladyboy

6. Jaw and chin

The jaw and chin can be subject to reshaping, but plastic surgery is expensive and not all ladyboys have advanced to this stage. If the jawline looks a bit wide and masculine, she could be a ladyboy.

7. Broad shoulders

9 times out of 10 a man has broader shoulders than a woman, especially in Thailand where women are very petite in build. A tall lady with broad shoulders is almost certain to be a ladyboy.

Thailand's Third Gender: 10 Ways To Spot A Ladyboy

8. Big hands

Big hands are impossible to change. Surely, some katoeys have more feminine, smaller hands, but in my personal experience, most have big hands and long fingers, albeit well kept with polished finger nails.

9. Big feet

Thai girls generally have fairly small feet, usually around UK’s 4. Ladyboys, more often have bigger feet than the average Thai woman. However, if the feet are small, then look out for big toes.

10. Forwardness

Real Thai girls may be somewhat forward with a friend or a boyfriend, however, they tend not to be forward and aggressive trying to pick-up guys, or hitting-on you on the street corner, or even in a nightclub, unless of course, they are a bar girl working there.

Thailand's Third Gender: 10 Ways To Spot A Ladyboy

Now, that you’ve discovered 10 ways to spot a ladyboy, let’s see what you’ve actually learned by putting these practical tips and clues to use. Man-up and take the shemale phone sex challenge… if you dare!

Have you accidentally or not slept with a ladyboy? What are your top ways to spot a ladyboy? 

Good luck finding what you want in Thailand – its not always what it seems!

P.S. You can also check out this short video to help you tell the difference between a lady and a ladyboy: