Can You Spot A Ladyboy? Quiz Time 2017


Can You Spot A Ladyboy? Quiz Time 2017! Are You A Champion Ladyboy Spotter? Let’s Find Out!

Can You Spot A Ladyboy? Quiz Time 2017

Can you spot a ladyboy? And most importantly, would you bang a ladyboy? Before I came to Bangkok, Thailand I said “no way, that’s so gay!”. However, after spending a considerable amount of time here I’ve noticed that Thai ladyboys are sexier and more feminine than the actual “real” Thai ladies.

After a few beers at the start my radar for ladyboys was very broken, but as time has gone on I’ve learnt a few simple ways to tell the difference between a Thai lady and a Thai ladyboy. (Even when ladyboys look so fine and feminine). But, can you? Let’s find out whether you are a champion ladyboy spotter.

Below are 10 pictures of 5 Thai ladies and 5 Thai ladyboys and your mission is to figure out who have cocks, and who have not.

Can You Spot A Ladyboy? Quiz Time 2017

[wp_quiz id=”1390″]

I hope this fun quiz game really made you rack your brains. Now, feel free to share your score in the comments section below. By the way, don’t forget to enjoy our 100% discreet and confidential 121 LIVE shemale phone sex.

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