Your Guide To The Happy Ending Massages In Thailand


Travelling to Thailand and thinking of getting a happy ending massage? Here’s your ultimate guide to the happy ending massages in Thailand. Enjoy!

Your Guide To The Happy Ending Massages In Thailand

In Thailand you’ll find plenty massage shops and parlours where you can experience a happy ending massage.

Just try and imagine this scenario…

You take a long, hot shower (or a relaxing bath) together with your unbelievably sexy Thai lady or a naughty ladyboy. Both naked, close, feeling each other… Your masseuse starts gently cleaning your body with a soap and later you jump into a bed where you can experience an erotic body-to-body, sensual oil, traditional Thai or aromatic happy ending massage. Sounds good?

In this post I’ll give you an ultimate guide to the happy ending massages in Thailand. (Including, types of happy ending massages available, the prices and all you need to know before you go…).

Your Guide To The Happy Ending Massages In Thailand

Body-To-Body Oil Massage

A body-to-body (also known as “Nuru“) oil massage is exactly what it sounds like. A Thai lady (or a ladyboy) takes you to the cosy bed and starts massaging your back with warm oil. After a couple of minutes, the masseuse usually stops massaging you and then starts… Well… Sucking your nipples to make you feel extra horny. (As if any help is needed at all!).

Your Guide To The Happy Ending Massages In Thailand

The lady then will work her way more and more down while using her tongue as much as possible. She then applies the condom and starts with the juicy part – riding your penis. And at that point, it’s up to you whether you want to change your passive role to the active one or continue with the girl’s initial offering.

Your Guide To The Happy Ending Massages In Thailand

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is a reasonably popular type of massage in Thailand that stems from the belief that certain (reflex) areas on your body, especially hands and feet correspond to certain organs and glands.

Manipulation of these reflex areas can lead to increased blood supply to the corresponding areas and immediate pain relief.

Your Guide To The Happy Ending Massages In Thailand

Quick fact! It is believed that within the penis there’re five points that, according to Thai reflexology, correspond to certain organs. If those five points are massaged, they will bring overall benefit to your body and health. Great!

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is one of the world’s oldest practices and has even informed the development of traditional Thai massage. Its purpose is to break down and release toxins while purifying the customer’s dosha – that is, their unique mix of energies.

Your Guide To The Happy Ending Massages In Thailand

Usually, an Ayurvedic massage in Thailand will be a hard body massage using a mix of different essential oils to suit the individual customer. It will sometimes be followed by a steam, a scrub and a happy ending…

The Most Common Questions About Happy Ending Massages In Thailand

Is it safe to go for a happy ending massage in Thailand?

In popular cities like Bangkok and Pattaya it is absolutely safe to go for a happy ending massage. In general, Thai people are very friendly and welcoming, so there’s no reason not to go for an exciting experience (the happy ending massage) and enjoy it.

Before you go to a massage shop, always check the website and what they’re offering, including types of massages and prices. You can also contact the massage parlour directly to get information via phone or email. Or, you can always pop in and ask inside the massage shop.

Does happy ending massage always end up with an intercourse?

No, not always. In smaller massage parlours, the most popular massage endings are hand-jobs and blowjobs. Always feel free to choose the most suitable option for your needs.

What is the usual rate of the happy ending massage?

Prices for the erotic, body-to-body oil massage usually start with 2,000 Baht, which is around 45 British Pounds.

What exactly happens in a massage parlour? 

Well, at the beginning, you are usually asked to take a quick shower (or bath) together with your chosen Thai girl or a ladyboy, both of you naked. Then, the therapist starts rubbing your body with a soup.

After a bath or shower, you move into the bedroom where she’ll give you a full body-to-body oil massage or whatever option you’ve chosen (hand-job, blowjob, etc.).

Finally, the best part happens. If you know what I mean…

Have you ever had a happy ending massage in Thailand? If yes, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below. 

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