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Hi there, my name is Willo. I’m 27 and people always tell me what a cutie I am, how sweet and sexy I am. Don’t get me wrong I am quite sweet. I love dressing and acting girly. I’m obsessed with shoes, outfits, make-up and perfume, but there is a side of me that likes to be a little bit naughty…

I get all hot and turned on by sexy texts and naughty pics. I can’t help but get hard when men want my body, my firm little boobs, mmmmmm and my sweet cock. Guys love my lush, long, thick hair and my sense of style. I take pride in my appearance and secretly love that it please them. I guess I can be a bit of a cock tease! Oh but I like to please in the end. I love getting to my knees and servicing a man, I love the feeling of surrendering to a man, submitting to his strength and power. It makes me feel so…feminine.

So if you like your chicks with dicks sweet and sensual then I’m just perfect for YOU! I can’t wait to play…x

One of my favourite sexting sessions was with a real gent, he made me feel so sexy. We spent hours just teasing each other and building up to the need to just explode. Lord did I explode. He asked me to kneel for him, told me how he’d slowly fill my mouth while he watched me stroke my beautiful cock. I was so turned on I was practically shaking. I’d wanted him to cum in my mouth, to fill my throat with hot, delicious cum. But mmmmmm he’d wanted to gently stretch my sweet little arse…I couldn’t argue with that! It felt like he had me on edge forever, taking me there again and again only to pull back and tease some more. I loved begging him for more, begging him to please let me cum. I can tell you it was well worth the wait! We came together and it was one of the most intense things I’ve ever known. I can’t wait to do it again and again…