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I am Ivete, I’m 30 yrs old, hot, blonde and VERY outgoing. You could even say I’m an extrovert exhibitionist! I want to play, day and night, I’m always horny, always ready. I like fucking in public and wearing revealing, tight little outfits whenever I go out. My beautiful long hair, smooth tanned skin and long, toned legs never fail to get me noticed. I’m a real lady from my top to my sexy little toes…well, almost!

I’ll be your perfect woman and much more. You’re every fantasy, your deepest desires. I’m easy going and respectful to whatever makes you comfortable. I’ll lead or follow. I’ll give or take. Wicked and wild or sensual and loving. Lick, suck and fuck, I’m here for your pleasure. Cum on my face, deep in my arse, all over my hot tits, and especially in my warm wet mouth. Please don’t be shy, send that text, make that call. No one will ever know, it’s our secret.

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“Trying on the cutest dress in a changing room boutique, I couldn’t help but appreciate how it showed me off in all the right places. I touched myself through the thin, clingy fabric and could feel myself growing harder in my tight lace panties. I lifted my dress and watched myself in the mirror as I took my throbbing, long, hard dick from the lace and began to stroke it. I bit my lip to stop myself from groaning out load. It just felt soooo fucking good. I pumped my fist harder and faster, until my dick was pulsating with the need to cum. I slipped off the lace and used them to stroke over my swollen length. Oh yeah…I was going to cum, right there in the changing rooms. My balls tightened, I pumped harder still and mmmmm squirt after squirt of spunk flew onto the lace. I tidied myself and went straight to the till to buy that dress!